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Crystal Grip Floor Cleaner (2 x 5Ltrs)
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    Crystal Grip Floor Cleaner (2 x 5Ltrs)

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    A highly effective and specialist product which cleans polished floors and leaves a slip resistant polymer finish.

    A cleaning detergent which leaves a low molecular polymer weight to make floors safer to walk on once cleaned.

    For use on polished and un polished non porous floors.

    Box, 2 x 5ltrs.


    Directions for use :

    *Always use biocides safely and read the label and product information before use

    • Dilute 500ml per 5litres of water
    • Where heavy traffic increase to 600ml per 5litres of water
    • Clean floor with lint free mop or sponge in a normal way but ensure there is a continuous wet surface
    • Allow floor to dry


    Storage :

    • Store in cool conditions away from any sources of heat
    • Avoid extreme tempretures
    • Do not allow to freeze
    • Ensure the cap is tightened after use and keep from reach of children

    Environmental Hazards :

    • Do not allow larger quantities of neat product to enter waterways