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Trusted by hospitals, dentists and the healthcare industry, Hypochlorous acid is one of the most effective known biocides which is also safe and harmless for humans and the environment. 


Universal - Used for Surfaces, Air & and Skin (HSE approved) 

Exceptionally effective - A ready to use HOCL solution that kills 99.994% of all known bacteria, viruses and spores. 

Extremely fast - Kills in seconds by destroying harmful pathogens on contact. 

Alcohol free Contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals.

No PPE required - As there are no harmful chemicals it is suitable to use without protective clothing or PPE. 

pH neutral - Non-sensitising and non-irritating to even that most sensitive skin. 

Vegan & halal friendly - Manufactured to be suitable for vegans and halal certified.

Vigorously tested and clinically proven BSEN1276  BSEN13704   BSEN1656 BSEN13727  BSEN14476 BSEN14204    04BSEN13697

Complete odour elimination Completely eliminates all smells including urine and body odours without masking.

Effective on all surfaces - Suitable and safe for both hard and soft surfaces with no staining.

Long shelf life - 12 month shelf life when stored correctly in black bottles.

Air sanitising - Fully effective air sanitising when used with approved fogging devices. 

Alcohol-free hand sanitiser - The most effective yet gentle skin antiseptic and hand sanitiser.

100% certainty - Manufactured by one of the global leaders in science, manufacture and application of Hypochlorous Acid.