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Despite looking like ‘just a rubber ball’ – SaniBall is in fact a highly sophisticated and efficient sanitation delivery system, ergonomically designed by experts to safely and reliably provide  complete hand sanitation, via a leak-proof valve, to protect and defend the user against all known viruses – including the Covid 19 variant.

Constructed from specially sourced hypoallergenic silicones, and coated for a stain resistant, anti-static and aesthetically pleasing feel, it repels dirt and dust, and is practically odourless and tasteless, whilst it’s completely smooth rounded profile free of edges, cracks gaps or holes, make it simple and effortless to keep clean at all times.



Saniball is brandable, making it the perfect corporate gift!  We have a huge range of colours and designs available and we're able to offer bespoke pantone colours within our printing service.


· Made of hypoallergenic silicone
· Stain resistant and anti-static
· Odorless and tasteless
· Special protective matt coating with a soft-touch
· Refills easily via a leak-free valve
· 5-15 ml capacity
· Cleans easily; no gaps, edges or cracks